Included in this price is being picked up at the airport/train station etc by a concierge in THEKRANE car. While staying at THEKRANE this car will be at the guests disposal. Furthermore, you will have access to THEKRANE SPA from 18.00 until 8.00 the next morning and of course THEKRANEROOM and THELOUNGE.

Breakfast will be delivered whenever you wish.

Your concierge will pick you up in the KRANE BMW i3 at the airport, cruise terminal or anywhere in the greater CPH area. He will smoothly check you in, carry your luggage, help you experience THEKRANE: THELOUNGE, THEKRANEROOM & THEAMAZINGKRANE SPA. The bicycles and BMW i3 is for you to borrow if you wish to experience the the city or surroundings.

Don't spend time looking for the minibar – you won't find it… But you will find a nice selection of wine, champagne and spirits for you to enjoy if you choose to.

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